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Testing of the Auto-Reverse Safety Mechanism

The auto-reverse safety mechanism is feature that you may not find in garage door models that are 20+ years old. Considering that it is a relatively newer innovation in the garage door industry there are mainly two mechanisms involved: Mechanical & Photocell based.

To test the Mechanical feature simply put an object on the ground blocking the door’s path, when the door touches down on the object it should automatically begin to rise. This means that the mechanical safety auto-reversing mechanism is perfectly operational.

To test the more advanced Photoelectric System with infrared sensor beams on each side, you simply close the door and while it’s closing at a safe gap simple pass you leg or a broom handle under the door’s path and it will instantly reverse motion and begin to open, indicating that the infrared sensor beams do not require any technical maintenance.

Inspecting The Tracks

Another vital part of your automatic garage door that should only be inspecting and any attempts at maintenance or repairs should be left to a certified professional for the safety of you & your family.

Closely inspect the tracks for any debris or blockage due to things such as dry leaves or foliage. This is the most common reason for garage doors opening or closing unevenly & the same applies to the infrared sensor beams we mentioned earlier.

Actual cleaning, maintenance & repairs of the garage door tracks should only be done by certified trained professionals, or you can just contact us.

The Door at Last

Perhaps the most important part of your garage door is the door! Especially wooden doors, they will need to be checked for weather damage. The common signs to look for are signs of chipped or peeling paint, water damage or warping.

In case of steel doors looks for rust spots that may need to be primed or sanded & repainted.

Best practice is to clean your garage door with any mild residential all purpose cleaner at the same time you wash your car.

We hope these tips and precautions will help your garage door last longer & avoid complicated expensive repairs. Your garage door actually makes up one-third of your home’s exterior, so it’s important to keep that garage door clean and for the safety of your loved ones keep it healthy.

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