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Did you know that a residential burglary in Easley, SC occurs at least once in every 3 days? As per data collected by in collaboration with the City district Govt. of Easley, S.C. and once every 18 seconds in the U.S. & most break-ins occur during the day time.

You should also heed to the fact that a garage door is an ideal entry point for most burglers and most home owners tend to keep valuable belongings such as bikes, cars & motorcycles in their garage, making such valuable belongings ideal targets, not mention that gaining entry to your home’s garage makes access to the rest of the house a synch.

Now you may think that something like that will never happen to you but if you would rather be safe than sorry then you’ll definitely want to consider the following tips on preventing Garage Door Break-Ins.

Inspecting your Garage Door MFG. Date

Find out how old your garage door is, this simple tip can prevent most amateur in-home burglaries. Simply look for a manufacturer tag/label on the motor housing, this information can also be located by lifting plastic cover that protects the light bulb.

If your Automatic Garage Door opener was manufactured prior to 1993 then we strongly suggest upgrading your automatic garage door opener as these automated openers are easiest to bypass even for an amateur.

Automatic garage door openers that were made before 1993 operated on a simple coded signal via a Dip Switch (-,0,+) which is very easy for thieves to “Scan” and enter your home illegally.

Keeping your Automatic Garage Door Remote Concealed

The remote of an automatic garage door opener is perhaps the first piece of instrument a thief will target because it allows effortless entry into your home. We highly recommended that you not leave your remote visible in your car, practices like leaving your garage door remote clipped on the visor or on the dashboard should be abandoned immediately.

Never leave your garage door opener remote in plain sight, rather keep it with you wherever you go. Use a mini remote that can be clipped on your keyring but try to avoid leaving your keyring in your coat or jacket pocket.

With the rapid growth of technology, we can now abandon remotes altogether. Since summer of 2017 it is now possible to open your garage door with safe & secure apps from your smartphone, apps like Chamberlain & Liftmaster’s MyQ offer reliability and latest in technological safety.

Get a more Durable & Rigid Garage Door

This applies to non-insulated garage doors that have only a single panel of polystyrene insulation. These type of garage doors are easily penetrable and not durable at all.

When selecting your next Garage Door it’s best to choose a Sandwich-Style garage door that has both sides covered with steel sheeting and are purposely built to be stronger as they are built to withstand repeated blows of a steel bar or even an electric saw, moreover we recommend choosing a door injected with 1 3/4-inch (45-mm) thick polyurethane, this type of garage door is the most strongest and most durable.

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