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Garage doors have been around just as long as garages. In fact garage doors can be dated back to as far back as 450 B.C. & were used to store chariots in gatehouses (garages).

In the early 20th century roughly around 1902 American manufacturers including “Cornell Iron Works” published a catalog featuring the first ever “Float-Over Door”.

When car manufacturer Henry Ford started mass manufacturing automobiles the demand to house & park vehicles became another increasing demand.

Most vehicle owners were parking their vehicles with the horses in outhouses or paying for a empty lot where vehicles could be parked.

In fact the word garage was not included into the English dictionary until 1902.  The word “Garage” is derived from the French word “Garer” meaning to Cover or Shelter.

Early designs of the garage door were made on the principle of double-doors on strap hinges opening outward, much like the doors on carriage houses or barns. This proved to be a huge dilemma as in the winter the snow would block the garage door from opening outward.

The first recorded overhead floating doors can be found in the first Sweets Catalogue of 1906, The Sweets Catalogue then began a annual publication of the catalogue showcasing a reference directory of building products, suppliers & manufacturers.

Since that time garages have become an essential & are incorporated into most home designs in America & garage doors play a large role in the design of the garage. From ease of access to security garage doors have become just as advanced and modernized as other home essentials like plumbing & electrical works.

Innovative Door Systems L L C has been a part of this history for more than a decade serving upstate areas of South Carolina & Eastern parts of North Carolina helping homes to secure their garages and valuables, because nothing says secure like a Solid Garage Door.

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